(Nolte Wienerau 6th Gen)

rated VA8 in 1983 & Sieger VA1 in 1984 & 1985

Reg nr. SZ1526684 -- Born 12/03/81 --HD: Norm --Linebred: Quanto Wienerau 4,5-5, Gitta Asterplatz-Liane Wienerau 5-5
Litter: (4,4) Ulan/ SchH1 Ully/ SchH3 FH INT Uran Norm/ Utz/ SchH3 Ulla "a"/ SchH3 Ulme Norm/ Ursula/ SchH2 Ute Norm/

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Irk v Arminius SchH3 FH IP3
Pirol v Arminius SchH3 Cliff v Haus Beck SchH2 Quanto vd Wienerau SchH2
Oase v Asterplatz
Olga v Trienzbachtal SchH3 Ali v Katzenbuckel
Freya v Gretengrund
Dunja v Weilachtal SchH3 FH Bodo v Fichtental SchH1 Bernd v Groaen Land
Asta v Silberwald
Rita v Kopenkamp SchH2 Witz zd Sechs Fidelen SchH3 FH
Cora v Kopenkamp SchH1 V
Palme v Wildsteiger Land SchH2(dam) Nick vd Wienerau SchH3 Kuno v Weidtweg SchH3 Jonny vd Rheinhalle SchH3
Ina v Klammle SchH1
Flora v Konigsbruch SchH1 Canto vd Wienerau SchH2
Wilma vd Kisselschlucht SchH1
Fina v Badsee SchH3 FH Veit v Haus Koder SchH3 Asslan v Klammle SchH3
Gina v Sehrenberg
Wala vd Sturmwolke Gundo v Klosterbogen SchH3 FH
Hera vd Sturmwolke

Uran von Wildsteiger Land was the German Sieger in 1984  and 1985.  His son was the 1988 Sieger.  This dog is becoming a foundation dog like Canto Wienerau.

 Uran is proven to be one of the best stud dogs Germany has produced in years.  He may very well become as strong as Canto Wienerau was 20 years ago.   Uran has had the largest progeny groups in the history of the Sieger Show.

Nolte Wienerau is 6th Generation descendant of Uran, on his father and mothers' sides both.  2xs on on each side!   

Uran & Zilly vom Noricum 1 x fathers side

Uran & Zilly vom Noricum  1 x mothers side

Uran & Xinte vd Wienerau 1 x fathers side

Uran & Xinte vd Wienerau 1 x mothers side

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