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This site is to expose to the Silent Killer of dogs:


Make Sure You DEMAND a DM tested pup or parents!

Kerschberger does not breed any longer thus this site is for information only. 

Hats of  to John and

CODY vom Kerschberger!!!

For all their hard work!

  IPO 3 !!!,  KKl1, V rated (nationals) & DM Free

and his owner / handler John!!!

V1 at the Canadian National Sieger Show!!!

3rd in the Canada !!!

Left side: Cody's Ring Handler, "Cody", John, Cody's trainer / owner

for a breeding to Cody:

Cody's owner can be reached by clicking this link

Cody's stunning Wienerau pedigree

for Cody at Schutzhund Training go to youtube and type in Ottmar vom Kerschberger

& Cody is DM CLEAR, SchH3, KKL1, a1 hips/elbows

This site is dedicated to EXPOSING & Explaining & Eliminating


"The silent killer of dogs"

Make Sure You Ask for a DM tested pup or parents!

Rest In Peace my  ♥ Bonita vom Kerschberger ♥ 

 October 2016, nearly 13 years old! 

To know you , was to  love you.  It was my honor to have been given such a great spirit to care for,  never long enough... One day, not soon enough, we will join at the Great Collective.  You packed everything in 12+ years  that we humans never learn in a life time.   Maybe that is why you dogs are so superior to us, you KNOW how to live.  (as long as you're with the right home that is) You showed how to live.  Your name was chosen well,  i guess that was no accident either.  

Oh BoBo,  you are so missed ...

Bonita was the daughter of the incredible Pandora Box, Zuni, aka THE Wienerau which started it all,  and Madonna vdDreisonnenseen. 

 Kerschberger and the great Wienerau dogs

 NOT breeding the great Wienerau German Shepherds any longer though   intend to stay online to honor the  Greatness of the all encompassing German Shepherd dog and to protect the dogs and their  people against unscrupulous breeders. 




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updated December 22, 2016



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Kerschberger does not breed any longer thus this site is for informative purposes only. 

Kerschberger bred successfully for over 10 years but all great things come an end!

Please read the Buyer Beware and How to ID  links To avoid the pitfalls of buying from the wrong breeder, to know how to check which are the important breed issues to look for and also to avoid.

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