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Dogs for adoption leave under the following agreement:  


No Dogs for adoption at this time


  • Must have a fully fenced yard, electric wire fences not acceptable
  • Dog will be spayed / neutered at expense of adopting home
  • Dogs will not come with their papers
  • Family adopting must have time for the dog
  • Dog is to become part of the family, and allowed inside the home.
  • A home inspection -  if out of state other references will work if they can be checked
  • a vet reference
  • These dogs are NOT rescues, I merely can not use these dogs for breeding or need re-homing for other reasons
  • You will be asked to sign an adoption agreement
  • Only serious inquiries please!






These dogs are NOT rescues, they have been raised by me, if born here, and  may have conformation flaws which I don't want to pass on, quite often too small for breeding,  or too shy in the pack, and I need strong minds for breeding,  or retired from breeding, still active and can make someone a great family dog.  ALL are housebroken, always, all have manners, it is taking a ready to go dog. (once they bond to you as they are very loyal to me)




View available dogs at www.GSDwest.com Rescue Forum and
        networking Rescue's and Rescuers
                   throughout the west

Over the past 6 years I have successfully adopted out the following dogs to great forever homes:

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Aline vom Venushof - to Michael in ABQ 

Cara vom Kerschberger - to Lisa and Paul of Las Cruces NM

Dieni vom Kerschberger -  to Mark in Santa Fe NM

Dotti vom Kerschberger - to Deirdre in Alabama

Darma vom Kerschberger to Carol Sue in Oklahoma

Eiko and Eisha vom Kerschberger - to Miguela of ABQ

Fonni vom Kerschberger - to Cynthia in NC (sar dog program)

GiGi vom Kerschberger to Sandy and Wiliam in California

Hummel vom Schlichter Tor -to J&J in Eldoraro NM

Iva vom Kerschberger - to Dave & Susan of Oregon

Ix vom Kerschberger to Carol Sue in Oklahoma

Karlo vom Kerschberger - to Joe in Santa Fe NM

Kizmet vom Kerschberger - to Trixie of Santa Fe, NM

Lana vom Klebinger Schloss to Ashley in Rio Rancho, NM

Sábi - to Cynthia in Texas

Utica vom Lehnhof - to Lisa and Bill in Illinois


& do not use the Santa Fe Humane Society Clinic for their low cost program, use better judgement and go to your own vet for better & safer services.  And IF you spay or neuter, pls pls pls make sure you get PAIN MEDS for after care!!!  The Vets seem to think that dogs do not hurt after their surgery!!!  I am so upset about this!!!

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Here's  how to contact this German Shepherd breeder


(505) 603-7362


snail mail:
5 Bisbee Crt Ste109-1
Santa Fe, NM 

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