Character, Courage & Conformation!
Dotti vom Kerschberger

Kerschberger recommends Tubal Ligation instead of spaying



Zaoa and Dotti asleep in their Perla dog bed

"The housebound dog leads a stressed existence. It cannot express its natural behaviors: stalking, chasing, exploring, investigating."
(From: The Dog's Mind, by Bruce Fogle)



"IF you lived in my house, you'd be skinny too..."

          Show-line dogs with working abilities.   My dogs have the advantage to run and be happy. NO kennels.   They live in groups inside and outside and get rotated around all day long to be either outside "hunting" and/or inside with me lounging around.   

        They are therefore slender dogs while growing up slowly, with incredible speed, stamina and agility.   As in nature, the females don't go in heat until after +/- 14 months for the first time!    PACK dogs simply live a better, healthier life.    It's the only way to have dogs for me.

        Would you want to be locked up all day in a kennel, get fed, and be on your own again? Didn't think so.     My dogs get fed   more protein plus raw food too but never put on weight while living the pack life.   Weight is a huge drawback in a pack. (as it is In humans.)  

        My dogs sleep indoors, in winter and summer.     However, they do get walked during darkness too to keep them in tune with nature and fearlessness. (Wolves and coyotes hunt at night.)   My dogs are kept out of the extreme hot weather days as well because it doesn't seem to stop them for running themselves ragged, I have to slow them down!    

       With the way mine are raised, it's much easier to discern which is the better prospect for breeding because of the interaction I can see that the strong will rule, as long as they rule with tolerance and not aggression,   I know I'm good.   

      I must remark that it isn't easy to have dogs this way, but, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it... Hence, most breeders' lock theirs in kennels - because THAT is easy &  lastly, to me,   that is  horribly sad and goes against the grain of the humane treatment of all animals.  So, get rid of your carpets, and get some brick or concrete floors ;) 








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