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The Wienerau legacy Resume IN GROUPS OF 10 AND ALPHABETICALLY STARTING WITH "A"  - All dogs highlighted in RED/bold type are part of the VA "Excellent Select" group.   Each year only about 12 VA titles are given.   The next group is the still extreme high title of "V" (Excellent) show rating.    No matter which ranking you look at in this list, its HIGH as the dogs entered in World Championship each year is around 2,000 total!!!.  The Argentine Sieger Show is the 2nd largest with around 1,200 each year, then the numbers dwindle substantially from country to country.  The dogs go through extensive pre-selection as well.  Many other shows before they even attempt to enter the Sieger show.   This show is not for the faint of heart ;)   The SG rating stands for SEHR GUT, meaning "Very Good"




ANSCHY                                                            V 56                                          94     

BOA                                                                     SG1                                          79

CANTO                                                                V1                                            71

CARLO                                                                SG16                                        83

CELLY                                           VA7                               71

CINA                                                                 SG49                                        93

DARO                                                                  V5                                            77

EISA                                                                    SG49                                       97

ELCH                                                                  SG1                                          61

ERO                                                                   SG93                                        97

ESKO                                       VA5, VA6, VA9     96, 95, 94

EMO                                      VA1 Norway, & Best of Breed, Best in Show of


FLEX                                                               SG51                                           95

FREDA                                         VA2                               71

GRACE                                                            SG68                                           92

GRIMO                                                           SG116                                          95

GRINGOS                                                      SG91                                           93

HANNO                                      VA6                                  95

ICA                                             VA10                                 84

INKE                                           VA6                                  80

IRK                                         VA13/SG2                        78,77

ISO                                                                  SG2                                            82

JELLO                                                              V4                                              92

JINA                                                                V72                                             95

KALLE                                                            V83                                             94

KARRY (m)                                                  SG4                                            94

KATHIA                                    VA1                              71

KAY (m)                                                       SG7                                             92

KRIM                                                           SG109                                          95

KRIS (m)                                                    SG16                                           92

LANA                                                          SG77                                            94

LANDA                                        VA1                          65

LENI                                                         SG32                                          94

MARS                                                         SG2                        76    Young Dog vice Sieger

MAUD                                                 VA9/SG2                                  82,83

NANTO                              SG1                      77  Young Dog Sieger

NARRO                                            SG26/V35                                78/79  


NATHALIE 's extreme records                                            

Date Place Judge Group Result Seat
September 1995 Hamburg H. Buß GHKLH VA 1
September 1994 Bremen Dr. E. Beck GHKLH VA 6
August 1993 Dortmund R. Meyer GHKLH VA 2
September 1992 Düsseldorf W. Babilon JKLH SG 1

NOSCHA   (Zuni's Dam)

Date Place Judge Group Result Seat
September 1999 Karlsruhe M. Buß H. GHKLH V 6
August 1998 Nürnberg H. Buß GHKLH V 7
August 1996 Karlsruhe B. Norda JKLH SG 20

NOVA ((Zuni's aunt)

Date Place Judge Group Result Seat
August 1996 Karlsruhe B. Norda JKLH SG 4

ODUSCHA (Zuni's half sister!)

Date Place Judge Group Result Seat
August 2000 Bremen Leonhard Schweikert GHKLH VA 4
September 1999 Karlsruhe M. Gerscwitz W JHKLH SG 3

OSCHA                            VA8/SG4                   95,94

QRICK                                                 V46/SG13                 97,96            (Zuni's Sire)

QUAIFA                                                     SG30                         96                (Zuni's aunt)             

QUANTO's extreme records

Year Place Judge Group Result Seat
January 1972 Bremen   GHKLR (adult dogs) VA 7
January 1971 Mannheim   GHKLR VA 2
January 1970 Nürnberg   GHKLR VA 5
January 1969 Mannheim   GHKLR VA 4

QUARISSA                          SG 43                  94

QUICKI (f) SG16 96

REZA (m) VA4/SG6 72,71
ROULETTE   (f) VA8 79

TERA  V5 92
TONY V25 92
ULA V60/SG7 95,93


ULTRI   our Uschi is line bred 2,3 on Ultri!!!

Year Place Judge Group Result Seat
September 1999 Karlsruhe M. Buß H. GHKLH V 13
August 1998 Nürnberg H. Buß GHKLH EZ  
August 1997 Düsseldorf H. Buß GHKLH V 107
August 1996 Karlsruhe H. Buß GHKLH V 2
September 1994 Bremen E. Wieser JKLH SG 33


UNDA  VA8/SG1  World Siegerin Young dogs 76,75
UNGANA SG1  World Sieger Young dogs 97 (aunt of Aline)
URSA VA2,VA5  81,83
VANTA VA1, VA1   World Sieger 2x 92,94 (Zuni's Great GrandDam)






VILMA  V25 92
VIMO V18,V34  93,92

WANNI VA4/SG2 94 & 93 (Zuni's GrandDam)
WERA SG55 93
XANDRA VA5/VA6  90,89
XIND SG77 93


ZAMB Wienerau


FOUR TIMES VA! & Young Dogs Champion!

(Sire of Vanta)
Date Place Judge Group Result Seat
September 1992 Düsseldorf H. Martin GHKLR VA 1
January 1991 Karlsruhe   GHKLR VA 2
January 1990 Frankfurt/M   GHKLR VA 4
January 1989 Karlsruhe   GHKLR VA 7
January 1988 Bremen   JKLR SG 1

This is the German Sieger show rankings only. There are many more dogs which went VA, V and SG in other countries' national shows. Then there were many (like Matty) who missed the chance to proof themselves due to circumstances. (In Matty's case, Walter Martin died and he was sold) Such incredible dogs as VA2 Carina in the USA and VA1 Emo in Norway. And, many more other Wieneraus who put these dogs in those places are not to be forgotten either.



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