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 Here some comments from the O litter owners, (click on the small image for the larger version)

From John in Florida, about Ottmar aka Cody

Just wanted to let you know how great the little guy (Cody) is and how we made out.  We got to the rental car company,  I walked him around 1/2 hour to  kill time and tire him out,  about a dozen people fussed over him.  We kicked back in a corner of the airport for about an hour out of the crate,  he took a nap, then we walked around another 1/2 hour to tire him out before security as I knew it would be his last chance to go.  The whole time he was walking around strange, noise environments,  tail up, ears up,  no fear...aware of loud noises but no startle response.  In the airport and during the lay over he was out on my lap and relaxing....about another dozen people fussed over him (mostly girls but that's OK).  Quiet as a mouse both flights.    No use for the wee pads, he asks to go out and will not go in the house, he even woke me up to go which is fine.  Will be in touch soon and keep you updated, and again I can't thank you enough for everything and doing such as good job with him!!!

Cody a six months old below

and Cody at 1 year old

   Below Cody meets ' Palmer-Zehen' (from the P litter) both live in Florida

More about Cody on YouTube

From Rebecca & Stuart in Florida

Tasha is doing great. She extremely cute and friendly and is already trying to be the alpha in the house. She barks at other dogs when she wants something from them, barks at the cat and has a fit when the door bell rings.  She's such a fine puppy. I just can't thank you enough for breeding such a wonderful dog. Everyone here totally loves her and she seems very happy. Here's some pics.

Tasha pictured below at six months old

Tasha pictured below at one yr old

From Judy in Colorado

Home safe and sound after a very uneventful trip. She did not cry at all. We took her with us into a little restaurant in Wallsinburg (in the kennel), and she just sat there and looked around. The cats, however, are not happy. Oduscha has discovered that if she barks at the cats, they run off. She has the power! I'll have to teach them all not to behave that way, at least in the house.

From Steven in Ohio

Here are a few photos shot last night on my back deck.
Otto is a fine specimen.  His markings are perfectly even and he is turning a beautiful amber red on his head and legs.  You can see how deep the red gets in certain lighting, especially in the night photo I enclosed.  Check out his perfect little mohawk stripe, it's hilarious.  Everyone always tells me how good-looking he is and how they love his eyes.  This dog is so confident and
peaceful, and yet possess an enormous amount of energy.  At every park I take him he prefers playing with the bigger dogs.  He herds my cat inside the house if my cat walks outside.  And he has never left my yard.  Toilet training took only one week.  His intelligence is a joy to work with.

(Steven is a professional photographer)

        From Mike in Midtown Manhattan

       It has been two months since Oscar arrived and, if I told that he brought nothing but joy to my life, I would not tell you enough. We have zero problems. Zero. Few expected puppy shticks that are easily dealt with. Little bit of submissive urination which shall pass in a few days, little chewing, but nothing that can not be corrected with  a dab of Tobacco souse on the object of chewing etc. Small things. His personality is true German Shepherd's - calm, submissive, intelligent, and very smart. He got in his new life without hysteria, sadness, or doubts. He is extremely well adjusted to Midtown Manhattan neighborhood, and neighborhood loves Oscar. Everybody knows him, everybody says Hello to him, everybody invites him for a night cup. He is totally on BARF raw food, his bathroom manners are excellent and predictable, he is absolutely gorgeous - very shiny coat (looks like an expensive sable), clean sweet breath and very understanding mind. I have no intention to formally train him until he is 8-12 month old, so he picks up few things on his own. You should see him crossing Park Avenue - perfect heal, head up, green light only. Walking with him is a true pleasure.  I walk him three times during the day: 6AM - bathroom, 1PM- riverside park where I sit and smoke my cigar and he sits and watches sail boats, helicopters and autumn. At 6PM we stroll couple of block to Headquarters of UN where he acknowledges himself as a king of the block. (Yesterday he decided to take a swim in UN fountain. It was very funny) I am sure he is on a lot of photographs of New York tourists.  I can tell you that before I had my doubts about getting a puppy dog, now I bless the Providence that send me you and you excellent dog.  

From this at 8 weeks

To This in One Year!


(Oscar's private swimming lessons, hm to be a dog in NYC, must be rough...)

Oreon, Fiesty Oreon,  lives with Alex in Michigan, has a female Labrador buddy, lives on the water and LOVES the water!


out of:

Dam: 100 % Wienerau !!!

(Apasche vd Wienerau x Sabi vom Klebinger Schloß) and Line-bred 2,3 on  V2 Ultri and Urk von der Wienerau

 SchH1, a2 (hips)Uschi  vom Klebinger Schloß

akc dna profile nr: V529429  akc dna reg:  DN22279701,   DM Normal (does ot have the Degenerative Mylopathy gene)

Uschi' s Breed Survey (Kör) :  Übermittelgross, mittelkräftig, kräftiger Kopf, sehr schöner Ausdruck, harmonisch, trocken und fest, korrekte Front, ausgeprägter Widerrist, etwas abfallende Kruppe, richtig gelagertes Schulterblatt, etwas steiler Oberarm, sehr gut gewinkelte Hinterhand, gerade tretend, kraftvolles Gangwerk, der Vortritt dürfte etwas freier seing.  TSB ausgeprägt; läßt nicht ab.

Overmedium, medium strong, strong head, very good expression, nicely built, firm and dry, straight front, high whithers, croupe a bit steep,  very well placement of shoulderblade , upper arm a bit steep,  hind legs very well angulated, straight coming and coming, powerful gait, the front reach should have a bit more farther reach.   TSB well pronounced, Dog does not out.

Uschi above is the Dam of the O litter

& the Sire is V rated, SchH3, a1 (hips)

SV dna reg, SZ reg 2183285. dob 4.24.06, tattoo nr UA 5315

 William von der Grafenburg! who's Dam comes over the famous Wieneraus - see his pedigree below

       (son of V11 bszs Bob von der Grafenburg, see Bob's Courage Test Below)

Line breeding (inzücht auf)  - 5 generations

Pups are ready to go to their new home on August 28th

SchH3, a1, kkl1


von der Grafenburg

VA1 (S) V11 (G) Bob von der Grafenburg

Übermittelgroß, mittelkräftig, gehaltvoll, kräftiger Kopf, betont männliches Gepräge, sehr schöner Ausdruck, sehr gute Gebäudeharmonie, schöner Linienfluß, korrekte Front, betonte Gefügefestigkeit, ausgeprägter Widerrist, genügend lange, richtig gelagerte Kruppe, sehr gut gewinkelt in der Vor- und Hinterhand, freies Gangwerk mit kraftvollem Nachschub. TSB ausgeprägt; lässt ab. 

VA6 Dux della Valcuvia
VA8 Max della Loggia dei Mercanti
VA1(I) Una della Valcuvia
V Conda vom Wolkenstein
V Yoker vom Lechtal
V Princess vom Wolkenstein
SG Enschi von der Kirchheck

Übermittelgroß, mittelkräftig, sehr schöner Typ und Ausdruck, sehr gute Gebäudeharmonie. Betonte Gefügefestigkeit, korrekte Front, ausgeprägter Widerrist, richtig gelagerte, genügend lange Kruppe. Sehr gut gewinkelt in der Vor- und Hinterhand, freies Gangwerk mit kraftvollem Nachschub. TSB ausgeprägt, lässt ab.


VA8 Neptun von Bad-Boll
VA Yassko von der Roten Matter
V26 Eibe von Bad-Boll
SG 16.Sch1 QUICKI vd Wienerau


sister to V46 QRICK vd Wienerau who is the Sire of Zuni

VA1 (I) Hobby vom Gletschertopf
VA Wanni von der Wienerau

High Drives

Fabulous, SchH1, a2 hips, kkl1


vom Klebinger Schloß


V Apasche von der Wienerau

V Matty von der Wienerau
VA1 Zamb von der Wienerau
VA5 Xandra von der Wienerau
V2 Ultri von der Wienerau
V Gorbi von der Wienerau
V Warinka von der Wienerau
SchH 1
Sabi vom Klebinger Schloß
pictures below

High Drives


V3 Zamp vom Schloß Runding
V38(BSZS) Gildo vom Wildsteiger Land
V Ronya vom Schloß Runding
V Eisa von der Wienerau
SZ/1964763 (known for extreme drives)
V Urk von der Wienerau
Ecki von der Wienerau

Grand Sire: VA1 (S) V11 (G) Bob von der Grafenburg Bite Work Video Clip


Below Sabi vom Klebinger Schloß, the pups Grand Dam (Uschi's Dam)


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