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Research Tips from this Breeder

Do NOT be an impulsive buyer!!!
  Don't fall for the hype.   Take the time to do your homework. You are willing to make a 12 year commitment to a dog, then take the time to get the Right Breeder to buy it from!  Buying over the internet can be a satisfactory experience, however, you are responsible for doing the asking!  You need not know everything about the dog/breed you are buying, but your Breeder ought to know, and needs to show you this!

Do NOT use a broker to buy your dog or pup UNLESS you are dealing with TRUE K9 working professionals who know what they are doing!  I can direct you to a few reputable sources if you need a true working dog.  Feel free to email or call me.  I used a broker twice and both times lost serious money, AND lost the opportunity to follow the life of one of my pups.   Brokers quite often will advertise litters as if they are bred by themselves on the premises.   Import litters are such a situation.   Thus, ASK if the litter is with them right there on the ground!   And ask why the breeder purchased an entire litter?  Did he want one or two for his breeding program and it was cheaper to buy them all?  Or was it simply to make a buck.   If the litter was that good, why did it not sell in Europe?  Ask to be put in touch directly with the breeder if you are interested in that particular breeding or let the transaction go!  I have seen some really nice setups in European kennels and some horrific ones.  You will know where yours came from when the pup gets sick with this that or the other.   If you need referrals to good breeders, should I not have any litters on the ground, as I don't breed much, I will sent you to a few reputable ones GLADLY!!!

Do NOT hand over large deposits - have your name put on the list and wait till pregnancy is confirmed.   What if the litter has six males, and you wanted a female? DO NOT ACCEPT SUBSTITUTES. The difference can be huge.

Make sure the deposit is REFUNDABLE if the litter is not born or you can't get a male/female you wanted - put it in writing in an email! or if you are really not comfortable, have it sent to you signed certified mail, a 25% deposit is reasonable, not more!!!

IF a breeder/ seller posts such non-sense as "I/we refuse the right to sell to anyone" this is 'hype' and they are bullies trying to impress you only! Isn't that common sense that I can refuse the sale as much as you can deny to buy from me, after all? It's the most ridiculous thing and I've seen it on some 'breeders' questionable websites. Look, when you're shopping try to listen to what is being said to you, and READ what you're looking at. Don't let "Member of this or that German Shepherd Club" impress you. Most often they are not members to top it off!

I've had to watermark my site's pictures because my ideas, my photos, my written language, my dogs' PUP NAMES even, are/were being stolen by some of these lazy unimaginative 'breeders'. Hence, I do not post such things as names any longer. Once a buyer commits and submits a deposit, additional (now) secrets are revealed. The German Shepherd world is FULL of con-artist, 'look a like' so-called 'breeders' who are just out to make a buck. 

If a website looks like amateurish, and un-organized, then that person/breeder is that way. I've spent (and still do) thousands of hours on compiling a worthy to my dogs' bloodlines website! There are imitators galore all over the breeding world!

I KNOW SEVERAL sites where breeders post they breed to the standard and they don't.  Please learn what the standard is.  

Especially if these imposters hide or downplay the photos of the Dam of the litter, yet only heavily promote the Sire's show results, RUN. Good Sires are easy to come by, as you don't have to buy them to breed to your females. It's the females who MAKE the breeding what they are! A good female is extremely important and a Schutzhund title alone, does NOT necessarily make for a good breeding female! To buy great females you need to have the connections, speak the language and have dedication as the costs are high. Those amateurs/imposters/imitators are trying to make a buck and not in it for the Betterment of the Breed! These Imposters buy cheap dogs from Germany which the German breeders want to get as far as possible away from them as substandard dogs can hurt their reputation in Germany. Where do they end up? Too often here in the USA! I see these sites all the time, and it seriously baffles me they actually sell dogs to YOU, the public! It truly is sad, because you, the buyer, can not be asked to distinguish between a quality dog with a superb pedigree from a substandard one. There is this saying, "GOOD handlers can make a bad dog look good, and BAD handlers can make a good dog look bad"

IF they claim shipping is FREE, it never is.  Its just included.  Another illusion.  The airlines charge upwards from $350 to $450 per pup.  Then there are crate, and vet certification charges.   Those fees are around $100 per pup.  (as of this writing dec.11) Prices have been increasing so nowadays I get airline quotes and you pay exactly what the fees are. 

Tattoo's included? another outdated painful issue:   I'm relieved to state that the German rules have changed over to micro chipping only.   The tattoo's fade and have created issues with ears not going up when done wrong.   Since January of 2010 the Germans ONLY allow the microchip.  Kerschberger used an internationally recognized chip which is pre-paid for life ( your ownership, if you have to re-home your dog, you will have a one time fee for the transfer, as you would with an akc registration)

Back Yard breeders breed for the money only, literally have them in the back yard in horrible stalls on newspaper without true protection from the elements, make shift kennels (if you can call it that) and disgusting tiny wooden unhygienic whelping boxes.  My dogs always whelp in my over sized bathroom's shower stall which is tiled, with a radiant  heat floor in winter months.  They whelp on clean blankets, which are covered with a special protective sheeting during whelping.  NO hard surfaces touches these special pups.   At 10-12 days of age they are moved to my 2nd bedroom as they will require more room at that point.  

This is the whelping area for my special dogs!


( I've seen these operators) Have them on substandard foods, like grocery store brands and lock the very young pups in yards so they don't have to pick up after them... These 'breeders' never let dogs in their homes to socialize, NEVER take them anywhere, unless stuck in a crate in the car. These 'back yard breeders' when times get tough, sell the dogs, and switch to cats or what have you... REAL breeding is WORK. Hard work! To those imitators, I say, "shame on you for ruining our breed" and ripping off the innocent trusting buyer who just want a great dog. You know who you are and what you are.

And ASK YOURSELF this:  Why do they have so many dogs for sale?  That is because they BROKER the dogs for anyone.  This means, that broker does not know this dog personally, just is another middle man making $500 and up on you.   Quite often, a dog has two middle men/brokers!   That is simply crazy. 

& You have to wonder why some websites splatter "Quality from an honest breeder with Ethics" When/If they HAVE to state that upfront, something has already gone wrong! buyer beware!!!

Then, FRAUD, Internet and all... Ask that your breeder, once you've decided to buy and sent a deposit, to sent you the copies of the AKC litter registration via email. IF the litter isn't registered, ASK why! I register all my litters in the beginning of the 3rd week. Maybe they don't own the Dam ? Are you really willing to pay a large sum for an UN-registered dog? Please read my "DNA" and "How to ID a good Breeder" pages for more info !

And, stay away from asking forum trolls for advice!  They are the biased blind leading the blind.   

&, DON'T buy from websites where breeders can post their pups for sale!  That cute picture is OFTEN NOT the picture of the pup you'll be sent!  Deal with a direct breeder only with an excellent clean organized website and a telephone number to call, then go thru the list as I've given you on the ID a Good Breeder link!

Lastly, Good for you for reading this! I feel I do my part by informing the public of this and hope to avoid a bad purchase on your part by having done so!


There have been several imitators using my written materials AND pictures of my dogs throughout the country and used them on their website for fraudulent reasons, and to bamboozle you,  the buyer. 

Please do not write me to check out another breeder for you as I will not do so.  This is why the How to ID a Good Breeder and Buyer Beware are on my site.  THANK YOU!


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